48V 60Ah LiFePO4 battery with Pre-heating

RT-48060K LiFePO4 Battery,it is for Golf Carts/LSEV Power.Drop in replace lead acid battery;RS485&CAN communication interface,LCD panel display battery status.By using RT-48060K, 10years battery design life and 5 years warranty bring you peace of mind.RT-48060K is equipped with pre-heating function, which can be used in cold regions.

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

Nominal Capacity: 60 Ah

Stored Energy: 3.1 kWh

Fast charge:3hours full charge

Dimension (L×W×H): 390×290×260 mm

IP Rating: IP65

Pre-heating: Yes

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48V 60Ah LiFePO4 battery with Pre-heating

48V 60Ah LiFePO4 battery with pre-heating for Golf Cart and LSEV:
LiFePO4 51.2V 60AH,3.1kWh;
Drop in replace lead acid battery;
120A BMS,5400W max continuous power;
Fast charger:3 hours full charge;
RS485+ Indicator+ Switch;
Screw install.
Retank Pre-Heating charge system(RHS) ready.