RT-VL2000 Inverter

48V/60V/72V universal electric vehicle intelligent inverter, 40V~93V automatic recognition of battery voltage; Multi functional LCD display screen; The wired remote control panel can remotely set the working parameters of the inverter and monitor its working status in real-time.

Rated power:2000W

Peak power:4000W

AC voltage:230V AC

Frequency:50Hz,Sine wave

Batteryn voltage:48V/60V/72V(Auto)

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Products DETAILS

RT-VL2000 Inverter


High cost performance design, with a conversion efficiency of over 93%, achieving the ultimate price and performance ratio;
Supports automatic recognition of input voltage of 48V/60V/72V, and can be connected to the electric vehicle battery for direct power supply;
The input voltage and output voltage can be set independently to meet different requirements;
LCD displays working parameters, alarms, and fault codes, making the working condition clear at a glance;
The fan adopts dual control of temperature and power to ensure that there is no noise in low-power loads during normal use of the product;
Optimization of battery power supply for electric vehicles, particularly suitable for street vendor economy;
Product configuration remote panel interface (this function requires optional remote control panel to be used).